On The Spotlight: Bruno Mars


The ever serenading singer Bruno Mars had a tremendous success in such a small span of time. This American singer-songwriter and producer had vocalized top songs like ‘Just The Way you Are’, ‘Nothin’ On You’ and ‘The Lazy Song’ just to name a few. But in partnership to a singer’s success is, of course, fashion; and this man, this amazing man made it to the cut to be the very first person to be featured on On The Spotlight.

Look at Bruno over here. With his brown skin pairs the light to dark scheme of clothing. From flesh, which is his short sleeves polo, to the breath-taking dark orange pants goes his dark green loafers. Love Bruno in the summer.

What I like about Bruno Mars here is that he is not afraid to take those bold leather jackets on for a photoshoot with a checkered buttons-down polo inside. Another notable fashion here is Bruno’s hat. Those ever fashionable hats are awesome with him, I should tell. We all know Bruno Mars, whenever his hair is not glued to the formation he wanted, he will be wearing those cover.

Red printed scarf on and a nice black coat covering a v-neck tee. Wonderful eyes too.

Just The Way You Are music video shows Bruno wearing a maong jacket with printed shirt inside, some bracelets and a necklace.

Gold dust tuxedo and bow with black insides.

He is not yet over! on his X Factor performance of Runaway Baby, he rocked a red coat on.

Finally, the same pants as our first photo of him; this time with a long sleeves royal blue zippered top.


Bruno Mars, with his rich brown skin color, can wear daily fashion to street fashion; and damn man, he wears them all with attitude (even cigars in his mouth!). For me, Bruno should really wear those bold colors of red, orange and the likes just because his skin color dictates them all. He don’t do much boots; just some sneakers and brogue, but he can wear boots as well. He likes those unusual coats and I like them for him (i wish I could have them too). My favorite fashion for him is the one with the scarf on and a v neck. Those are really really awesome for him to do! He is simply amazing. G

Do you have a picture of this star that you feel like deserves to be included in this list? Send me that picture on my email: richard_sebastian_08@yahoo.com with a subject ON THE SPOTLIGHT. Thank you all!


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